How To Set Email Forwarding In Linux Hosting

In the previous post I have written about creating an email account on Linux web hosting. But creating an email account with your web hosting is just not enough.

Because their interface is not so user friendly. So what you can do is forward all emails to your preferred email service like gmail.

To do so, you’ll need to create an email account with your Linux web hosting account. If you have already got one then you are good to go.

Sign in to your web mail account. The interface might be different for you but surely you can find settings option somewhere on the page.

Web Mail Settings - Linux Web Hosting

Click on the settings option. This will take you to a new page which will contain several different tabs. Find a tab which reads ‘forwarding‘. Click on it.

Webmail Email Forwarding - Linux Web Hosting

On this page you’ll find a input field to enter the email addresses. You can add as many email addresses as you want (one on each line). And hit update/save button.

That’s it, now every mail which you receive will be forwarded to the addresses which you added in forwarding list.

How To Create Email Accounts In Linux Hosting

Some of my friends have been asking me about how to create an email account on their Linux web-hosting.  It’s very simple, just the new interface may seem complicated since many people are not used to it.

So lets see how to create an email account using cPanel in Linux web-hosting. First of all log into your account and open cPanel. Some hosts like BigRock use ‘Manage Web-Hosting‘ option as a link to cPanel. So if you have any trouble accessing cPanel, contact your web hosting support.

Once you are logged in to cPanel, you can find mail options as shown below –

Mail Options cPanel - Linux

Now click on Email Accounts option and you will get a page as shown below –

Email Accounts cPanel - Linux Web Hosting

Fill in the details like Desired Email address, Password (at least 5 characters long), Mailbox Quota (i’d suggest to keep as default – 2048 MB). And then hit Create Account button.

Where To Find Inbox ?

You can find inbox for the newly created mail address at For example, if i create an email address as then i can find my inbox at

When you visit (replace yourdomain), you’ll have to enter mail address and password to access your inbox.

Additional Info

But its not convenient to visit this site every time to check our mail. Also the mail interface is far too simple. I prefer Gmail over this webmail service at any time. So what we can do is Forward every E-mail to our preferred mail service like Gmail. I’ll be talking about that in the next post.

Shutdown Computer When Torrent Download Is Completed

Most of us download torrents overnight by keeping the computer ON. This can result in waste of power since the computer remains ON even when the downloads are completed.

One solution is to schedule auto shutdown by determining the time required to download a particular torrent. But this isn’t a very efficient method because the torrent may take a little longer than the auto shutdown timer and thus the download can remain incomplete.

So instead of scheduling auto shutdown you can tell the uTorrent application to initiate shutdown when all downloads are completed.


Shutdown when downloads complete
uTorrent – Shutdown when downloads complete
  1. Set a Torrent for download.
  2. Now click on Options > Auto Shutdown > Shutdown when Downloads Complete

Additional Info

In this case the computer will initiate shutdown if and only if the torrent is downloaded completely. But again this will keep the computer on if the torrent download fails which will result in waste of power.

So what I’d suggest is that it’s best to use both methods in combination. Set uTorrent to Auto Shutdown when downloads are completed. And in addition to this set your own Auto Shutdown timer by Estimating the time required to download the torrent.

For example, If a particular torrent takes 2 hours to download.

  1. I will set uTorrent to Auto Shutdown when downloads are completed.
  2. And also i will set Auto Shutdown timer of 2.5 hours duration.

This will ensure that even if torrent download fails, the computer will turn off. Thus saving power.

Control Your PC Using TeamViewer Remote On Android Device

Did you ever wanted to control your computer using a cellphone, if yes then this post is for you.

There’s a program called as Team Viewer. Most of you must be already familiar with it. But for those who don’t know, it helps you to remotely control another computer. For instance if your friend needs help with a particular issue on his computer then you can remotely connect to his computer using team viewer, provided you both have installed it and you know the password.

In the similar way you can now control your own computer using your Android smartphone. Team viewer has a free Android app called as ‘Team Viewer Remote‘. To control your PC remotely, you have to first install this app on your android device. And then follow the steps given below:

Step 1Create your account on TeamViewer. Download the application for PC, Install it and run it.

Add this Computer - TeamViewer

Step 2 – Login after running the application on PC, and hit add this computer button.

Enter Name and Password TeamViewer

Step 3 – You’ll be asked to enter Computer Name and a Password. Enter your desired name and password and hit Finish.

Computed Added - TeamViewer

Step 4 – Now check if you can find the new computer under My Computers list in Computer & Contacts Window. Check the screenshot above.

My Computers - Teamviewer

Step 5 Install TeamViewer Remote on your Android Device. Run it. Sign in. And you can find My Computers list in here. Click on it and you shall find all computers in this list as shown above.

TeamViewer Remote On Nexus 4

Step 6 –  Hit connect button and you will be connected to the computer. Now you can control your PC using your Android mobile.

Note: For this to work, your Computer and Android device must be –

  1. Turned ON
  2. Connected to Internet
  3. Running TeamViewer with a logged in account.

Schedule PC To Auto-Shutdown Using Simple Shutdown Timer

Did you ever wanted to set a timer or more precisely schedule your PC to shutdown? Well, in this post I’ll show you how to set a timer so as to schedule your PC to shutdown automatically.

Don’t worry there’s no script or programming required to do this. All you need is a tool called as simple shutdown timer.

So basically all you need to do is enter some figures to set the timer and choose action such as shutdown or restart and then hit the start button.

Simple Shutdown Timer - By
Simple Shutdown Timer – By

This will initiate auto shutdown when the timer runs out. This is useful to save battery if you’re downloading a torrent on laptop overnight. You know what I mean, right?

Export Facebook Birthdays To Google Calendar

After getting Nexus 4, I’ve been wondering if I can export all birthdays from my Facebook account to the Google calendar, so as to view them on my phone even when I’m not connected to the internet. And it seems there’s a way to do that.

So in this post I’ll be talking about how to export birthdays from Facebook account to Google calendar and also the advantages of doing this.

How To Export Facebook Birthdays To Google Calendar?

Step 1 – Visit

Export Option Facebook Events

Step 2 – Click Settings icon on the top right corner. And now choose Export option.

Export Events and Birthdays Facebook

Step 3 – Right click on ‘Export your friends birthdays‘ option and select copy link.

Step 4 – Go to Google Calender and see the left sidebar.

Add by URL - Google Calendar
Add by URL – Google Calendar

Step 5 – Paste the previously copied URL or Link over here.  And hit Add Calendar button.

The advantages of exporting Facebook birthdays to Google account are as follows –
When you export birthdays to Google account, they are in synchronization with Facebook at all times. So if you add a new friend, their birthday will be automatically added to Google calendar.

Also when you Sync Google Calendar with your Android device, all birthdays will be available with you even when you’re not connected.

This is how you can export Facebook birthdays to Google Calendar. I hope this helps. And if you have any questions, feel free to comment below. Thanks.

How To Find YouTube Inbox After Linking with Google Plus

With the new channel one layout for YouTube, Most people are unable to find inbox. You might think this post is really useless or totally not needed but trust me there are many YouTube users who are not able to find their inbox.

After joining YouTube product forums and answering to more than 100’s of topics, I can now safely say that with the new changing layout of YouTube, users are unable to find inbox with ease.

For example, users who have linked their YouTube account with Google plus are having trouble to find the YouTube inbox. I don’t know if they have fixed the problem, but after reading several threads I came to know that the YouTube inbox is always accessible via the following URL:

That’s all I wanted to share in this thread. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. And if you find this helpful, subscribe to blog feed for more amazing posts.