HTML in One Page

This is an attempt to cover everything about HTML in one page. Definitely this guide isn’t for someone who is completely new to HTML but for anyone who wants to come back and refer stuff from HTML. W3Schools is a great site for this but it covers everything. I just want to make this note for myself and for anyone who needs help with refreshing the basics of HTML.

Plain HTML page

This is the code for creating a plain HTML page. All it does is declare the document type as html and provides you with a header and a body. The header contains the title. The body contains a heading and a paragraph.

HTML connected to CSS and JS

External CSS and JS file can be connected to the current HTML document using the following code:

Comments in HTML

Any piece of HTML code between left arrow with a exclamation mark and right arrow becomes a comment.

Formatting in HTML

Some basic formatting syntax in HTML like creating paragraphs and making stuff bold:

Lists in HTML

There are unordered and ordered lists in HTML. The code below explains how to use lists in HTML with the type attribute.

That’s all in this post for now. I’ll keep adding stuff here when I have some time on my hands. Feel free to comment below and let me know if you have anything which should be added to this post.

New YouTube Feature – View as a returning Subscriber

YouTube just pushed a new feature – View as a returning Subscriber. Just like Facebook allows its users to view their profile as public or as a specific person, YouTube now allows YouTube creators to see their YouTube channel as a returning Subscriber.

Here’s how it looks like on my channel:

Screenshot 2015-04-03 23.12.10

Share your thoughts on this new feature in the comments below. And if you haven’t subscribed to The Curious Engineer already, go ahead and check it out.

Edit: Ok I just noticed something, when you browse to the playlist tab of the channel while viewing as a returning subscriber, you can see private playlists in the list as well.

Which is basically like viewing the channel’s playlist tab as yourself and not as a returning subscriber. I guess they’re still working on this! I’ll use the feedback button for now.

5 Free Modern Icon Sets For Web & UI Design

We all know the importance of icons in web/UI design. Mobile applications widely using icons these days because they are small screen, by using an icon we can replace a huge text which fit to small screens. There are lot of icons our their for free but finding the best on is the important this. Recently i found some excellent icons release, today in this post we gathered a very Best Collection of Icons for Web and UI Design by CSS Author. I believe this might help you for your various type of projects.

1. Line Icons

Line icons are new trend flat design plus line icon is a good combination. Line icons are simple and subtle lines, it gives the design a modern look and feel. You can use this 48 free line icon set in your website, app, user interface.


IMPICONS is a set of Modern Flat style Free Icons. This is a set of 30 essential icons, they tried to include the most common icons in this set such as delete icon, contact icon, protection icon, document icon, chat icon, shopping icon & many more.

3. Flat Style Icon Set

The new trend flat style is very popular for icons these days. We find thousands of applications are using flat style and long shadow icons. They have a set of modern flat style icons, all are very useful for your projects.

4. Responsive Web Design Devices Icon PSD

All day we have new technologies we can’t even imagine how fast technology growing. As a part of it web word also changing. The very recent impact was responsive web design. It’s an awesome technology introduced by Ethan Marcotte. In this post they are giving away a good set of responsive devices illustration.

5. Beautiful Minimal Hosting Icons PSD

They got some request for an icon set for hosting company so the freebie is an icon set for hosting providers. As you can see the icons are very minimal and scalable high resolution icons for any kind of use.

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