HTML in One Page

This is an attempt to cover everything about HTML in one page. Definitely this guide isn’t for someone who is completely new to HTML but for anyone who wants to come back and refer stuff from HTML. W3Schools is a great site for this but it covers everything. I just want to make this note for myself and for anyone who needs help with refreshing the basics of HTML.

Plain HTML page

This is the code for creating a plain HTML page. All it does is declare the document type as html and provides you with a header and a body. The header contains the title. The body contains a heading and a paragraph.

HTML connected to CSS and JS

External CSS and JS file can be connected to the current HTML document using the following code:

Comments in HTML

Any piece of HTML code between left arrow with a exclamation markĀ and right arrow becomes a comment.

Formatting in HTML

Some basic formatting syntax in HTML like creating paragraphs and making stuff bold:

Lists in HTML

There are unordered and ordered lists in HTML. The code below explains how to use lists in HTML with the type attribute.

That’s all in this post for now. I’ll keep adding stuff here when I have some time on my hands. Feel free to comment below and let me know if you have anything which should be added to this post.