Uploading Files To The Server Using An FTP Client

In this post, i’ll talk about how to use an FTP Client to upload files to the web server. FTP is File Transfer Protocol. For uploading files to the web server, you will need an FTP Client. I’ll recommend FileZilla. Its tiny and easy to use. You can download FileZilla FTP Client from their official website and install it on your computer.

Now you will need the FTP details of your web host. You must have received these details in an email sent to you after purchasing the web hosting.

I have received the e-mail as shown below. This will give you an idea of what you exactly need to connect using an FTP Client.


Connecting To The Server

  • If you have the FTP details, just go ahead and open the FileZilla Client.
  • Click on File > Site Manager.
  • Click on New Site.

Site Manager FileZilla

  • Enter IP address (which you received in email) in Host details. Or you can simply type in ftp.yourdomain.com as i have done in the screenshot above.
  • Enter port as 21.
  • In Server Type, try FTP, FTPS or FTPES. Check which one works out for you.
  • Enter the username and password which you received in the email.
  • And click on Connect.

If connection is established then well and good. If not, just put the error message in comments below and i’ll try to help you out.

Uploading Files

Once Connection is established, you can find a list of folders like mail, public_ftp, public_html, tmp, www, etc. All you need to know right now is that www is the folder where you will upload all the contents of your website.

To upload any file, just drag and drop that file over that folder. Or you can open the folder first and then drag-drop the file inside the folder. This will initiate the file upload.

For example, if you upload xyz.png to www folder. It can be found at yourdomain.com/xyz.png and thus www is the root directory of your website.

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