How To View Email Subscribers List In FeedBurner

Most of you use feedburner for sending out feeds to your subscribers. Some people have asked me if they can view the complete list of email subscribers in feedburner.

The answer is yes. You can view the entire list of email subscribers in feedburner. Also you can see how many of them are verified/active subscribers.

To check this list of email subscribers, just follow the steps given below –

  1. Log in to your Feedburner account
  2. Select the feed title from the list.
  3. Click on Publicize tab.
  4. From the services list, Click on Email Subscriptions.
  5. Now scroll the page and select View Subscriber Details.
  6. This will show up the full list of email subscribers for your feedburner account.

You can also export this list of email subscribers from feedburner account to any other rss feed service. Right after you click on ‘View Subscriber details’, you can see an option for Export: CSV.

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