Getting the Domain and Web Hosting For WordPress

I am writing this post as a base for the upcoming series of WordPress Tutorial. Many people have been asking me about how to create a WordPress blog. So i have decided to write a complete tutorial for beginners.

Note that, and are very different from each other. The .com version is wordpress hosted blog whereas .org is a package which you can use to create a self hosted blog.

To create a self hosted blog, you basically need two things – the domain and the web hosting. And there are many companies which provide cheap and reliable web hosting. But its not that easy, there are cheaters and oversellers. So the question is, how to choose a good web host?

After having an year of experience, I would recommend BigRock. Its good, reliable and cheap as compared to other biggies out there.

Purchasing Hosting and Domain

I’ll show you how to purchase hosting package and domain from BigRock India. Note that, the procedure is 99% same on every other hosting site. So you can follow this post, even if you decide to purchase hosting and domain from other host.

#1. Go to and Click on Get Hosting > Linux Hosting. Note that, by selecting Linux or Windows hosting, you are not interacting with the OS directly. Instead you will get a control panel and trust me, CP in Linux is easier.

#2. Choose the suitable hosting plan. I would recommend Linux Advanced Plan for beginners who plan to grow fast. But if you are planning for a small static website or blog, then go with Starter Plan.

BigRock India Plans

#3. After selecting the desired plan, select the duration and click on Add this plan button. Where you’ll be asked to select a domain name or enter an existing domain.

#4. I assume you are creating a whole new site, so enter a new domain name and click on Search button. If the domain is available, click on add or else select other domain.

#5. And click on checkout button. Here you can enter a coupon code to get discount. You can use my domain name ( as a coupon code to get 25% discount.

#6. Now just complete the purchase and place the order by registering your account. You will then get e-mails about your registration details. Just keep these e-mails safe. You’ll need them to setup your site.

In the next post we will see – How to install WordPress on the hosting server which you just purchased.

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