Adding Shadow To The Text In Photoshop Elements 10

In this post, I’ll show you guys about how to Add Shadow or Drop Shadow to the text in Photoshop Elements 10. This is very easy but there’s some difference as compared to other versions of Photoshop (like Creative Suite).

First of all create new blank file and write some text in the canvas. I’ll write something like ‘Hello’ inside the canvas in green color. Then i’ll just right click on this text and select ‘Edit Layer Style‘.

Edit Layer Style Photoshop Elements 10

Once you click on ‘Edit layer style’, Style settings dialog box shows up. Here we have to just select ‘Drop shadow‘ option. And some more settings appear on screen like size, distance, opacity, lighting angle.

You can experiment with the sliders and check the results to learn more about it. Check the animation below to understand how drop shadow works in Photoshop Elements 10.

Drop Shadow - Photoshop Elements 10

The GIF above explains the usage of size, distance and lighting angle option. But one option remains, which is the opacity. Opacity will determine the opaqueness of layer. When Opacity is 100 percent, layer is totally visible. But as opacity is decreased, the layer starts to fade and becomes transparent.

This is how you can add shadow or more precisely drop shadow to the text layer in Photoshop Elements 10. This is not just limited to text layers but its going to work for every type of layer(images, shapes, etc).

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