What is gws_rd=cr in Google URL

Last night, As i was about to switch off my computer, I noticed something strange on my browser. It was a weird URL in the address bar of Google chrome. I thought its a bug and reloaded the homepage (google.com) but again the weird part appeared at the end of google.com. It was like appended at the end.

Normally when we visit Google search, we find ourselves at www.google.com but i was being redirected to www.google.co.in/?gws_rd=cr. At first, i thought that my PC is infected. But it wasn’t.

I tried switching to different browsers and incognito mode as well, but the result was the same. I was still being redirected to a strange URL. Check the Image below.

gws_rd=cr screenshot google chrome

Wikipedia Sources

Then i searched for gws_rd=cr in Google search, but i couldn’t find any accurate answer. I spent an hour on this and finally figured out that GWS meant Google Web Server. Source Wikipedia. But the rest part rd=cr was still a mystery to me.

Google Product Forum Sources

Today i decided to search for gws_rd=cr in Google Product Forums and guess what? I found a thread about it. Here’s the link. That thread lead me to another website called stack exchange where some people have answered to this question.

Remote Desktop?

Some people assumed rd stood for remote desktop. That could be the worst threat to your computer. Since remote desktop means someone can remotely view or control your computer. But don’t worry that was just a wild assumption.

Mystery Solved

Finally the mystery is solved, rd=cr simply meant redirect and country. gws (google web server)_rd(redirect)=cr(country). So basically, when you visit google.com they are redirecting you to a google web server according to your country. That’s what it can be. Check the image source given below.

gws rd cr source stack exchange

However if you have any more sources or info, leave it in the comments. This will help to add more updates to this post.

18 Replies to “What is gws_rd=cr in Google URL”

  1. thanks..i had been wondering what it meant..moreover i thought it could be some virus …bohoo..thanks u solved the mystery!

  2. thank you for your explanation. I really appreciated. i was concerned about my laptop being hacked.

  3. Wow. Thanks for the explanation. I was also shocked of thinking my Pc could be infected. Now after this explanation i am not worried anymore…

    Have a nice weekend

  4. It means Google web server(gws) getting redirected (rd)by country(cr). i.e a country other than US.

    Nothing changed, google constantly seeks out better ways to
    strengthen its tracking, this could be part of it, may also be temp. no
    official word from google out yet about this…may be wait a few days,
    questions about this is popping out everywhere on the web now. But be
    content that its not a virus of some kind as was previously being
    assumed… The thing is that in last 3 or 4 days, google has added and
    sorted out few glitches on youtube section and also trying to link it
    with g+.

  5. Hi, thank you for clarifying this mistery… My only doubt now is the folowing: WHY DID MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT GET BLOCKED ONE OR TWO DAYS AFTER THIS URL APPEARED? If you could explain me that it would be great 😉

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