Shutdown Computer When Torrent Download Is Completed

Most of us download torrents overnight by keeping the computer ON. This can result in waste of power since the computer remains ON even when the downloads are completed.

One solution is to schedule auto shutdown by determining the time required to download a particular torrent. But this isn’t a very efficient method because the torrent may take a little longer than the auto shutdown timer and thus the download can remain incomplete.

So instead of scheduling auto shutdown you can tell the uTorrent application to initiate shutdown when all downloads are completed.


Shutdown when downloads complete
uTorrent – Shutdown when downloads complete
  1. Set a Torrent for download.
  2. Now click on Options > Auto Shutdown > Shutdown when Downloads Complete

Additional Info

In this case the computer will initiate shutdown if and only if the torrent is downloaded completely. But again this will keep the computer on if the torrent download fails which will result in waste of power.

So what I’d suggest is that it’s best to use both methods in combination. Set uTorrent to Auto Shutdown when downloads are completed. And in addition to this set your own Auto Shutdown timer by Estimating the time required to download the torrent.

For example, If a particular torrent takes 2 hours to download.

  1. I will set uTorrent to Auto Shutdown when downloads are completed.
  2. And also i will set Auto Shutdown timer of 2.5 hours duration.

This will ensure that even if torrent download fails, the computer will turn off. Thus saving power.

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