How To Switch To New Gmail Layout With Tabs

The new G-mail inbox is amazing. While it is a turn off for some people, it’s really quite helpful to me. Google describes the new tabs as a way to “put you back in control so that you can see what’s new at a glance and decide which emails you want to read and when.” Click here to watch their Promotional video about the new Gmail Layout with tabs (2013).

The new inbox organizes all emails in separate categories. The categories are primary, social, promotions, updates and forums. Now this type of inbox is really helpful to me because of many reasons.

My Opinion

First reason is that I’m a regular forum member on various Google product forums and I receive loads of mails for the threads to which I post or subscribe to. Previously these mails used to appear along with other personal or important emails. But now these emails are isolated and stored in a completely new category.

The second best reason is that all promotional emails are identified and stored separately under promotions tab. So these kind of emails no longer get mixed with the emails which matter to me.

In the similar way, the social tab groups all the emails from social sites like Facebook, twitter, YouTube, etc. The updates tab groups all kinds of updates or notifications. For example: If a new comment is posted on my blog, I get an email notification which is available under updates tab. All other emails which are sent directly to my mail address are available under primary tab.

 The New Layout in Brief

  • Primary: person-to-person conversations and messages that don’t appear in other tabs
  • Social: messages from social networks, media-sharing sites and other social websites
  • Promotions: deals, offers, and other marketing emails
  • Updates: auto-generated updates including confirmations, bills, receipts, bills, and statements
  • Forums: messages from online groups, discussion boards, and mailing lists

Source for brief info – Lifehacker

How to enable the New Gmail Layout?

To enable the new layout, just follow the steps given below.

Configure Gmail Inbox

  • Visit your Gmail Account.
  • Click the settings icon on the very right.
  • Click configure inbox.
  • Now select the tabs which you would like to see.
  • And hit save.

Using Google Keep with your Android Device

Since I’ve purchased Nexus 4, I have been writing posts about Android and Google Plus. Recently i discovered a new app called Google Keep. Its a light weight app and very useful, especially for bloggers.

Using Google Keep you can write a note, make a list, click a image or even record your voice. And guess what? it will be available on all your devices. Since it will be synced in a matter of seconds (provided you have an internet connection like Wi-Fi or Mobile Network).

I am using Google Keep every single day. I just note down any random idea which crosses my mind so i can use it later on (maybe to blog, create video or a comic). Check the screenshot given below.

Using Google Keep On Nexus 4
Using Google Keep On Nexus 4

In the screenshot you can see, i have written a blog post then there’s the list of games, an idea of codefap comic 23 and a list of topics to write about.

How to use Google Keep?

Just get the Google Keep app from Play Store and install it on your Android device. Now you can quickly make notes, record your voice, make a list or capture an image.

Now just make sure you enable sync when you connect your Android device to the internet via Wi-Fi or mobile network. And all your data will be synced to cloud.

You can then access this data from any device at