Increase AdSense CPC By Displaying Ads Only To Organic Traffic

Are you getting low CPC in your Google AdSense account? Then maybe i can help you with it. One way to increase AdSense CPC is by displaying AdSense advertisements only to organic traffic. Organic traffic means the traffic driven to your websites by natural search engine results. Now you might wonder, How is this going to help increase AdSense CPC, right? But trust me, it works. I’ll explain.

First lets clear the basics, CPC means Cost Per Click. This is the revenue which you earn when a visitor clicks on the advertisement. In simple language, if you receive 10 clicks with $0.04 CPC then your estimated earnings would be 10 x $0.04 which equals to 0.40 dollars.

The next thing which you should know about is CTR and Pageviews. Pageview is counted when a user views a page displaying Google Ad. While CTR is equal to number of clicks divided by pageviews (clicks / pageviews).

Direct Visitors

If you display ads to direct traffic then AdSense pageviews increases but unique clicks decreases and chances of invalid clicks increases. And because of these invalid clicks, CPC decreases.

Organic Traffic

If you display ads only to search engine visitors then AdSense pageviews decreases but unique clicks increases and chances of invalid clicks are almost next to zero.


You get unique and valid clicks by displaying ads only to search engine visitors. Also useless pageviews are reduced. By useless pageviews, i mean those pageviews which displays an AdSense Ad but receives no clicks. By reduction in useless pageviews, Page CTR increases.

And with this increase in chances of valid clicks and page CTR, your CPC rises. Note that, this doesn’t happen in one day. It will take at least a week to experience a change in AdSense CPC.

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