How To Create Email Accounts In Linux Hosting

Some of my friends have been asking me about how to create an email account on their Linux web-hosting. ┬áIt’s very simple, just the new interface may seem complicated since many people are not used to it.

So lets see how to create an email account using cPanel in Linux web-hosting. First of all log into your account and open cPanel. Some hosts like BigRock use ‘Manage Web-Hosting‘ option as a link to cPanel. So if you have any trouble accessing cPanel, contact your web hosting support.

Once you are logged in to cPanel, you can find mail options as shown below –

Mail Options cPanel - Linux

Now click on Email Accounts option and you will get a page as shown below –

Email Accounts cPanel - Linux Web Hosting

Fill in the details like Desired Email address, Password (at least 5 characters long), Mailbox Quota (i’d suggest to keep as default – 2048 MB). And then hit Create Account button.

Where To Find Inbox ?

You can find inbox for the newly created mail address at For example, if i create an email address as then i can find my inbox at

When you visit (replace yourdomain), you’ll have to enter mail address and password to access your inbox.

Additional Info

But its not convenient to visit this site every time to check our mail. Also the mail interface is far too simple. I prefer Gmail over this webmail service at any time. So what we can do is Forward every E-mail to our preferred mail service like Gmail. I’ll be talking about that in the next post.

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