Facebook made stickers available on the web

If you have been waiting for the facebook stickers to come to PC, then here’s a good news for you guys. Facebook stickers have come to the web. This means you can use stickers on the facebook website via any device including PC.

Facebook had made the stickers available for its Android and iOS apps few months ago. Stickers were appreciated by many users in a short span of time maybe because using a emoticon like : ) is just not enough today.

Facebook has been adding new sets of stickers over time and every new set never failed to impress me. They are just so lovely and cute. Also they have added a Sticker store option, I guess they are planning to sell premium sets of stickers in future. Well, only time will tell.

Facebook Sticker Update – July 2013

But for now, They’ve made stickers available for PC. I’ve just received the update and wanted to share it with you guys. Check the screenshot above.