Control Your PC Using TeamViewer Remote On Android Device

Did you ever wanted to control your computer using a cellphone, if yes then this post is for you.

There’s a program called as Team Viewer. Most of you must be already familiar with it. But for those who don’t know, it helps you to remotely control another computer. For instance if your friend needs help with a particular issue on his computer then you can remotely connect to his computer using team viewer, provided you both have installed it and you know the password.

In the similar way you can now control your own computer using your Android smartphone. Team viewer has a free Android app called as ‘Team Viewer Remote‘. To control your PC remotely, you have to first install this app on your android device. And then follow the steps given below:

Step 1Create your account on TeamViewer. Download the application for PC, Install it and run it.

Add this Computer - TeamViewer

Step 2 – Login after running the application on PC, and hit add this computer button.

Enter Name and Password TeamViewer

Step 3 – You’ll be asked to enter Computer Name and a Password. Enter your desired name and password and hit Finish.

Computed Added - TeamViewer

Step 4 – Now check if you can find the new computer under My Computers list in Computer & Contacts Window. Check the screenshot above.

My Computers - Teamviewer

Step 5 Install TeamViewer Remote on your Android Device. Run it. Sign in. And you can find My Computers list in here. Click on it and you shall find all computers in this list as shown above.

TeamViewer Remote On Nexus 4

Step 6 –  Hit connect button and you will be connected to the computer. Now you can control your PC using your Android mobile.

Note: For this to work, your Computer and Android device must be –

  1. Turned ON
  2. Connected to Internet
  3. Running TeamViewer with a logged in account.

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