Using Ad Injection To Show Ads Only To Search Engine Visitors

In case you are under attack of invalid click activity or as they say ‘click bombing‘ then the best way to prevent it is by showing the advertisements only to search engine visitors. If you are wondering how can this help? Then let me tell you two main advantages of showing Google Ads only to search engine visitors.

The first advantage is that it greatly reduces chances of invalid click activity. Because every visitor who sees the advertisement is 100% organic traffic and not direct traffic.

The second advantage is it helps to increase CPC (cost per click). Trust me, if you are getting CPC between 0.01 to 0.04, then its going to rise up to 0.10 or above if you show ads only to search engine visitors. This is because only organic traffic view the ads, thus decreasing useless direct traffic pageview(s).

Ad Injection Configuration

Ad Injection is a great plugin for WordPress. It can help you solve all issues with ad placements. Also it has a feature called restrict ads by referrer, this feature helps to show ads only to search engine visitors.

The plugin is available over here. And frequently asked questions about the plugin are available here. Simply install it on your WordPress blog and then i’ll guide you further.

Once installed, Go to Settings > Ad Injection. Turn on Ads. And place the ad code in the desired position like Top Ad, Bottom Ad, etc. You can find all that info on the plugin page itself.

Setting up Ad Restrictions

Once you have configured the Ads. Click on Ad Insert Mode / Dynamic Restrictions Tab. Here you will find something as shown in the screenshot below.

Ad Injection - Show ads only to visitors from search engines

Just select the option ‘Only show ads to visitors from these websites‘. And click save changes. That’s all you need to know to show ads only to search engine traffic using Ad Injection.

And you can also add your desired websites here. For example, if i want visitors from facebook to see ads. I’ll add .facebook. in this list (comma separated). And save the changes.

That’s all. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. Thanks.

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