Google Nexus 4 vs Nokia Lumia 820 Review

As i said in my previous post, I’ll be talking about why i chose Google Nexus 4 over Nokia Lumia 820. Well now this doesn’t mean Lumia 820 is bad. It’s actually quite good. But lets talk about it in detail. I am writing a review for the very first time so if you find anything wrong or misleading here then feel free to put that in the comments.

The very first thing i would like to talk about is the Touch of both devices. In this case Lumia 820 beats Nexus 4 because the touch on Lumia 820 is just amazing. You’ll never feel that your touch didn’t register. If you touch the screen, its surely going to respond. Unlike other devices, where you touch the device but sometimes it fails to respond and you have to try again or tap again on the screen. Well that exact problem is most likely never going to happen on Lumia 820. So in short, the touch feels amazing.


The display type of Lumia 820 is AMOLED which is better than the Nexus’s True HD IPS Plus display. But its truly a matter of personal preference. You need to have both type of screens in front of you, and then you can decide what you actually prefer. Becaue AMOLED is kind of rich and vibrant in color but sometimes the colors might appear fake. While IPS display is less vibrant but the colors appear real. So it all depends on what you prefer.

The display Size of Lumia 820 is 480 x 800 pixels, 4.3 inches with ~217 ppi pixel density while Nexus 4 has a display size of 768 x 1280 pixels, 4.7 inches with ~318 ppi pixel density. So its very obvious Nexus Wins here.


Nokia Lumia 820 comes with 8GB internal memory which is expandable upto 64 GB using microSD card slot. While Google Nexus 4 comes in two types – 8GB or 16GB internal memory which is not expandable. If storage matters to you and if you need a lot of physical storage then Lumia 820 would be a good choice.

Lumia 820 has 1GB RAM whereas Nexus 4 has 2GB of RAM, So clearly Nexus wins here. If you want good performance for multitasking then you should go with Nexus 4.


Both devices have 8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash, but Lumia 820 has Carl Zeiss Optics. Which gives really great photographs. The picture quality of both devices is nearly same, but if you want a good camera phone then go with Lumia 820.

The secondary camera of Lumia 820 is VGA with 640 x 480 pixels. While Nexus 4 offers a better secondary camera with 1.3 MP. Nexus 4 wins with Secondary Camera.


Lumia 820 – Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon
Nexus 4 – Qualcomm APQ8064 Snapdragon

You can find detailed review of both chipsets here. And clearly Nexus 4 gets a good score compared to Lumia 820.


Lumia 820 – Adreno 225
Nexus 4 – Adreno 320

Clearly, Nexus 4 has a better GPU. You can find more information about Adreno GPU’s over here.

Operating System

Lumia 820 – Windows Phone 8
Nexus 4 – Android, v4.2 (Jellybean)

This is exactly why i chose Nexus 4 over Lumia 820. The Windows Phone 8 OS isn’t bad, its actually very good and impressive. Just that the Windows store for Mobile Apps isn’t ready. Although they are adding up many applications everyday, the apps are not updated regularly. And not every app is available.

So if you want to install variety of apps, then first check out Windows Store before purchasing a product with Windows Phone OS. Check if the apps you need are available and updated. And if they are, then Lumia 820 can be good for you.

That’s all i want to share in this post. I hope this helps. Subscribe for more amazing posts. See ya.

Just Purchased Google Nexus 4

Three days ago I have purchased Google Nexus 4 and I have already installed tons of apps. It’s really awesome phone and I’m loving it. My previous phone was Nokia 5233 which I have been using since last three years plus. This is my first android phone and I have learned so much in just three days of android life. In fact I’m writing this article at 2:17 am on Google keep app with swift key while sleeping comfortably on my bed. It couldn’t be any easier than this. I’m looking forward to blog on the go with Nexus.

Since now I’m an android user, you can expect android posts on my blog soon. Well that’s all i wanted to post, but this is kinda short. So let me add up some more stuff –

After a year of Codefap’ing, I have earned just enough to buy Nexus 4. I was about to buy Nokia Lumia 820 which is for 21,209 INR. I had already ordered it from but then i changed my mind.

Well why i changed my mind? And why i chose Google Nexus 4 over Nokia Lumia 820, that i’ll talk in the next thread. The product was just shipped and i cancelled it, just to order Google Nexus 4.

And I am so happy about my decision. Flipkart guys delivered the phone in 3 days. I ordered the product on saturday night and it was delivered by monday evening. Their service is great, I would recommend flipkart anyday (At this moment, they deliver only in India).

Here are some of the pictures which i took using Nokia 5233 –

Google Nexus 4 - Unboxing

So that’s all in this post, If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. And thanks to you all (readers and viewers) for supporting  me, my blog and my videos. Thanks a lot guys.

Love you all 🙂

How To Add Audio Track In Adobe After Effects

The first time when i tried adobe after effects, i was impressed by it. I was enjoying learning new stuff and then a point came where i wanted to experiment by adding sound track or audio to my footage.

This time, the audio track simply didn’t play. So i searched for instructions over the internet and figured out how to turn on the audio preview in adobe after effects.

I thought it’s solved and all is working fine but then the audio used to make funny and cracking noises after playing for certain amount of time. This problem was something which took me really long time to solve. But i did figure it out in the end.

So here i am sharing the solution to both these problems (the ones marked in bold above).

Enabling Audio Preview

To Enable Audio preview, you need to go in Composition > Preview > Audio. And you’re done. See the screenshot given below.

Enable Audio Preview In Adobe After Effects

But this is not it, the second problem still remains. That is, the abnormal behavior of audio clip during playback. If it doesn’t happen with you, then your problem is solved. But if it does, then check the next point.

Fixing Audio Playback Problems

To fix any abnormal behavior of audio clip, all you need to do is use .aiff file format while importing the audio clip into adobe after effects.

You can use online converters like this one. Just convert your audio clip to .aiff format to use it in adobe after effects. This solves the problem. But if you have any questions, feel free to comment below. Thanks.