Just Purchased Google Nexus 4

Three days ago I have purchased Google Nexus 4 and I have already installed tons of apps. It’s really awesome phone and I’m loving it. My previous phone was Nokia 5233 which I have been using since last three years plus. This is my first android phone and I have learned so much in just three days of android life. In fact I’m writing this article at 2:17 am on Google keep app with swift key while sleeping comfortably on my bed. It couldn’t be any easier than this. I’m looking forward to blog on the go with Nexus.

Since now I’m an android user, you can expect android posts on my blog soon. Well that’s all i wanted to post, but this is kinda short. So let me add up some more stuff –

After a year of Codefap’ing, I have earned just enough to buy Nexus 4. I was about to buy Nokia Lumia 820 which is for 21,209 INR. I had already ordered it from flipkart.com but then i changed my mind.

Well why i changed my mind? And why i chose Google Nexus 4 over Nokia Lumia 820, that i’ll talk in the next thread. The product was just shipped and i cancelled it, just to order Google Nexus 4.

And I am so happy about my decision. Flipkart guys delivered the phone in 3 days. I ordered the product on saturday night and it was delivered by monday evening. Their service is great, I would recommend flipkart anyday (At this moment, they deliver only in India).

Here are some of the pictures which i took using Nokia 5233 –

Google Nexus 4 - Unboxing

So that’s all in this post, If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. And thanks to you all (readers and viewers) for supporting  me, my blog and my videos. Thanks a lot guys.

Love you all 🙂