How To Remove Google Plus Photos From Android Gallery

Previously i wrote about how to synchronize the pictures in your android phone with Google Plus. But this creates one problem, especially if you have low memory space in the phone.

When you turn on Sync for Photos with Google Plus, the existing photo albums in your Google Plus account start to appear in the Gallery. These albums will have small picasa logo over it. This would be okay if it was temporary cache. But it isn’t, these photos occupy storage space on your phone.

So for instance, if you have about thousands of pictures on Google Plus, they are downloaded to your phone when you turn on Sync. And we don’t want that to happen, right?

The Problem Again in Short – You want your photos to be uploaded/synchronized to Google Plus as soon as you capture them. That’s working. But the photos which are already present in your Google Plus account are being downloaded to your phone. Thus eating up your phone memory.

Our Aim – We want to upload/sync every new photo in the phone to the Google Account. But we don’t want the existing Google Plus photo albums to appear in Gallery. And thereby save storage space on phone.

1) Remove Google Plus Photo Albums From Gallery

  1. Disable Sync Temporarily. (Settings > Google > Sync)
  2. Go in Settings > Apps > Swipe Left Twice to see ALL apps.
  3. Select Gallery and hit Clear Data button.
  4. This will remove all photo albums from gallery.

Note that this deletes Google Plus photo albums only from your phone (not from Google Plus Account)

2) Enabling Sync Without Google Plus Photos

  1. Settings > Google > Sync (first option, usually replaced by your e-mail address)
  2. Over here you can choose what to Sync and what not to.
  3. Deselect Google Photos from this list.
  4. Go back, and you are done.
Deselect Google Photos From Sync Options
Deselect Google Photos From Sync Options

I hope this helps. Any questions? Feel free to comment below. Thanks.

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