How To Change Tab Image in YouTube For Pages App

In my previous post, i wrote about How To Add YouTube Videos To Facebook Page. Now, in this post i am going to write about how to add a custom image to the application tab on the facebook page.

The default image looks ugly in my opinion and its better to replace it with some other thumbnail. To upload a custom image, you need to create a thumbnail image of size 111 x 74 pixels.

Once your image is ready for upload. Go to your facebook page to which you have added the app ‘YouTube For Pages’. Now Click on the drop down button to the far right side of the available tabs. Generally the default tabs are ‘Photos, Likes, etc’. See the image below.

Drop Down Arrow

After you click on the drop down arrow, select the pencil icon on the top right corner of the YouTube For Pages Tab. See the image below.

Edit Settings YouTube For Pages

Then just go ahead and click on edit settings. This will bring up the following box on the screen –

Edit YouTube For Pages Settings

Here you can set the Custom Tab Name or set a Custom Tab Image. So to set Custom Tab Image. Click on Change. This will take you in a new tab or window with following options –

Upload a Custom Image YouTube For Pages

Now hit Edit option. Upload the new image. Then you are done. Just hit Okay. And you will get the new image for the Application Tab on your Facebook Page.