How To Add Audio Track In Adobe After Effects

The first time when i tried adobe after effects, i was impressed by it. I was enjoying learning new stuff and then a point came where i wanted to experiment by adding sound track or audio to my footage.

This time, the audio track simply didn’t play. So i searched for instructions over the internet and figured out how to turn on the audio preview in adobe after effects.

I thought it’s solved and all is working fine but then the audio used to make funny and cracking noises after playing for certain amount of time. This problem was something which took me really long time to solve. But i did figure it out in the end.

So here i am sharing the solution to both these problems (the ones marked in bold above).

Enabling Audio Preview

To Enable Audio preview, you need to go in Composition > Preview > Audio. And you’re done. See the screenshot given below.

Enable Audio Preview In Adobe After Effects

But this is not it, the second problem still remains. That is, the abnormal behavior of audio clip during playback. If it doesn’t happen with you, then your problem is solved. But if it does, then check the next point.

Fixing Audio Playback Problems

To fix any abnormal behavior of audio clip, all you need to do is use .aiff file format while importing the audio clip into adobe after effects.

You can use online converters like this one. Just convert your audio clip to .aiff format to use it in adobe after effects. This solves the problem. But if you have any questions, feel free to comment below. Thanks.

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