Manually Reset WordPress User Password Using PhpMyAdmin

It is important that you should know how to reset WordPress user password by editing the database. If  – 1) you forget wordpress account password, 2) your wordpress account gets hacked, 3) you cannot reset wordpress password by e-mail – then this post can be very useful.

I had once forgotten my user password for a local WordPress installation based on WAMP Server. I had a clue that i can reset the password by using phpmyadmin but even though i tried, it just didn’t work.

In this post i will tell you why it didn’t work and also how to get it to work. First of all you must know how to access phpmyadmin

If you are using WordPress local installation based on WAMP Server then you can find phpmyadmin just by visiting the URL given below.


But if you are using CPANEL hosting, then you can find phpmyadmin just in the databases category as shown below.

phpMyAdmin in CPANEL

Note – If you are an advanced user, you can just follow this article by referring to images plus bold red/green text instead of spending too much time reading every line.

#1) Once you open phpMyAdmin, just Select Databases from top left corner and you will get a screen similar to the one given below.

Select A Database

#2) All you need to do is Select the Appropriate WordPress Database. In this case, I am selecting cflocal which is used by my local WordPress installation. After doing so, you will get the next screen as shown below.

Select wp_users

#3) Now Select wp_users to edit users table.

Edit Users Table

Since my local WordPress installation has just one user named admin, you can only see one row. But if you have several users then you will get multiple rows here.

#4) Just hit the edit button next to the user upon which you want to perform the reset password operation. This will show up the next screen given below.

Edit User Pass Window

Here you can see the user_pass row has a weird set of characters as the value. This is just for security reasons.

Note: If you try to set a new password by entering a new value and hitting go button, then it just wont work. Because you need to set a MD5 value instead of normal value.

#5) Enter a new password value in user_pass row and select Md5 Function from drop down menu as shown below.

MD5 Password WordPress

#6) Now just hit the Go button and you are done. Your password will be reset.

If it doesn’t work or if you have any doubts then feel free to comment below. And do subscribe to blog feed for more amazing posts. Thanks.