How To Edit Robots.txt In WordPress

Do you know how to edit robots.txt file in WordPress? if not then you must know. Because this file tells the search engines, if they should index your site or not.

Note that, this file just tells or requests the search engine bots with a note saying whether they are allowed or disallowed to index a certain page on your site. But in the end its their decision of whether they should index your site or not.

Many WordPress users face various complications while trying to editing the robots.txt file. So in this post i’ll share two easy ways to edit robots.txt.

One way is to create a new robots.txt file and upload it to the server and the other way is by using a simple WordPress plugin which will help you to edit robots.txt directly in your web browser.

#1. Create robots.txt

  1. Create new notepad file
  2. Add your desired contents inside it.
  3. For example content, you can find my robots.txt at
  4. Save the file as robots.txt – Don’t misspell it.
  5. Upload it to the root directory of your site using FTP or File Manager.

#2. Using Plugin

If you want to edit robots.txt directly through the Administrator Dashboard then you can simply use this plugin – WP Robots Txt

This plugin makes it very easy to access and edit robots.txt file. I’d recommend it.

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