How To Track Invalid Adsense Clicks Using StatCounter

If you are getting Invalid AdSense Clicks then this post can help you. In this post i am going to talk about how to track Invalid AdSense Clicks using StatCounter.

Invalid Click Activity is a serious issue in AdSense and it can get you banned from AdSense permanently. Google doesn’t provide you with any tool to detect Invalid Clicks or Click Bombing. So you’re on your own in this mission of protecting your AdSense account from Invalid Click Activity.

Most people just end up losing their AdSense account because of Invalid Click Activity. But if you’re smart enough then you can track the location and IP address from where you are getting these Invalid Clicks.

You can track all clicks and exit links on your website using StatCounter. To use StatCounter, first register and create your account on it. Once you register, you’ll need to create a new project for your website which you want to track !

statcounter registration

Click on Add new Project. Then fill in the information – Project URL, Project Title, Country, Timezone, etc. You can select a counter or just select Invisible Tracking. You can also opt to receive monthly or weekly reports.

Once you click Add Project after filling up the appropriate data, StatCounter will detect the platform of your website and return you a code along with instructions on how to install the code on your website.

Tracking Exit Links

Once you have setup StatCounter for your website, you can start viewing reports within minutes. Now coming back to the Tracking Invalid Clicks part.


Click on Stats, Click on Exit Link Activity and you can find all the Links which you have visitors clicked to Exit from your webpage. You can find date, time, exit link name and also the page on which the exit link was clicked.

The exit link maybe a advertisement or a link to other website. So this way you can find how many clicks are there on advertisements and at what time the click was made.

But this information is not of much help, but you can find a Magnifying glass icon on every row of this table. If you click on magnifying glass you can find more information about the visitor who clicked on the link.

Track Invalid Adsense Clicks Using StatCounter

You can find the IP address of the visitor, his location, host name, browser, OS, resolution, ISP, visiting length, and the pages he viewed including the exit link.

In this way you can track the Valid as well as Invalid Adsense Clicks Using StatCounter. If you think you are being click bombed, you can temporarily disable advertisements on your website or remove your website from authorized websites list in Google AdSense.

But Remember that very first step is to detect any suspicious activity on your account, like a sudden increase in CTR (Click Through Rate) or high number of clicks but Zero CPC. Once you detect any suspicious activity, go ahead and track the location and ip address of the invalid click activity.

This is very useful because if at all you get banned from AdSense, you can have logs which you can use to appeal for your account being reinstated.

I hope this helps. I’ll be writing more about AdSense like Getting Approved and stuff like that. So make sure you subscribe to blog feed. And thanks for reading !

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