How To See YouTube Earnings in Google AdSense

If you are a YouTube Partner/Creator then you must be aware of the recent changes in the earnings report for YouTube Earnings. They say that they are simplifying earnings report for YouTube Creators. But they’re actually complicating it more.

If you are using Google Adsense for your Website as well as for YouTube Videos then the estimated earnings for both sources used to be displayed in one simple Adsense Interface.

But now with the recent changes, the estimated earnings for YouTube Channel will not be displayed in the Adsense interface. Only views and clicks will be reported in the adsense interface. However Estimated Youtube Earnings will be displayed as Zero till the end of the month. You can only find your YouTube estimated earnings in YouTube Earning Reports.

Youtube Earnings Change


If you are just running advertisements on YouTube channel, then you have to just check YouTube website for your Estimated YouTube Earnings report.


If you are running advertisements on YouTube channel as well as on your website then you will now have to visit two different websites to check Estimated Earnings report. That means to check website earnings you will have to check Adsense interface and to check YouTube earnings you will have to check YouTube Analytics.

Long Story Short

For some reason, YouTube decided to remove the Estimated Earning report  from AdSense interface. The total Estimated Earnings will still add up and will be displayed at the end of the month. And you will still get paid the same way. But if you want to know how you are doing on any given day then you will have to log in to two different websites.

So what to do next? You cant do anything to view the Estimated Earnings in AdSense. But there is one way to see Total Earnings for YouTube Channel on any given day.

So How To See YouTube “Total” Earnings in Google AdSense ?

First of all, Log in to your AdSense account. And hit on ‘View full reports’ as shown below.

View Full Reports to See YouTube Earnings

Once you do that, Click on Hosted Adsense for Content as shown in the image below.

Click Hosted Adsense for Content To See YouTube Earnings

Now, you can see that the second last column in report contains ‘Total Earnings’. This is how you can view the Total YouTube Earnings for your YouTube account at any given day. Also you can select date range or month and see the Total YouTube Earning Report for that particular date range.

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