How To Create A Fake Virus To Scare Your Friends

In this post I am going to share a really amazing trick which can help you to scare your friends using a fake virus.

It takes about less than a minute to perform this trick. So its all about creating a message box which would display a message along with two buttons. Both these buttons will have the same function, that is – to close the message box.

The message can be anything like ‘Do you know you are stupid? ‘ and the buttons would contain something like ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.

Or you can even try to scare your friends by adding something like ‘A virus has been detected on your computer. Press Yes to format. Press No to format after reboot.’

So i hope you get the idea of what this thread is all about. Now lets see how to do it.

How To Create a Message Box with Two Buttons?

1) First of all open the Notepad.

2) Copy paste the following code inside the notepad file.

lol=msgbox (“A virus has been detected on your computer. Press Yes to
format. Press No to format after reboot.”,20,”Warning”)

3) Save the file as Virus.vbs or Fake Virus.vbs

4) Open this file. And following message would be displayed:

fake virus warning msgbox

If the File opens in Notepad on Double Clicking ..

If the saved file opens in notepad on double clicking then try to open it by the following actions:

  1. Right Click on file
  2. Click Open With
  3. Select Microsoft Windows Based Script Host

That will do the job.

What about the Scaring Part ?

Yeah i almost forgot about the ‘scaring’ part. Well if you wanna scare your friend then try and get 2 minutes time on their computer. Then just create this vbs file and place this file in the StartUp folder.

Where to find the Startup Folder?

In Windows XP, you can find the startup folder in Start Menu > All Programs > Startup.

In Windows 7 or Windows 8, you can find it in the following directory:

C:UsersUSER-NAMEAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup

Or you can even access the startup folder by typing in shell:common startup or shell:startup in the address bar of file explorer or in the run dialog box.

After putting the Fake Virus file in the StartUp folder, the fake virus would start and display the message box as soon as the user is logged in to Windows. That means the fake virus would be auto executed on windows startup or windows logon. So this can really scare the #3@$ out of your friend !

So i hope, you learned something new today. And thanks for reading !