How To Remove $Recycle.bin Virus from Windows 8

My previous post was about the Recycler folder in Windows XP. The folder $recycle.bin in Windows 8 is similar to  the recycler folder in Windows XP.

Even though you might consider it as virus, it is not actually a virus. It is a system folder created by Windows to hold temporary files which are deleted.

Which means that if you delete any file or folder, it will be placed inside $recycle.bin folder as a backup until you delete it permanently or restore it back.

But there’s slight difference in the recycler folder and $recycle.bin folder.

The recycler folder will be visible if and only if you choose to display ‘hidden files and folders‘. But $recycle.bin folder is not going to be visible even if you choose to display ‘hidden files and folders’.

This is because the $recycle.bin folder has an additional system file attribute along with hidden attribute.

The only way you can view $recycle.bin folder is by following these steps:

  1. Open any folder.
  2. Click view tab on top.
  3. Select Hidden Items
  4. Click on Options
  5. Click on view tab
  6. And deselect ‘Hide protected operating system files (recommended)’
  7. Click Ok.
  8. Click Apply.

hide protected operating system files

If you select, ‘Hide protected operating system files (recommended)’ then all system protected files including $recycle.bin will be hidden even if ‘show hidden files and folders’ option is selected.

And if you have any doubt that your computer might be infected, i would recommend you to try out antimalwarebytes and scan your computer.

3 Replies to “How To Remove $Recycle.bin Virus from Windows 8”

  1. thanks for the info. (done successfully!!)

    i tried in the other laptop that when i unchecked the ‘hide protected system files(recommended)’.. still it wasn’t showing me the $recycler.bin
    whereas in my laptop when i unchecked is again showing me the $recycler.bin.
    why so?

    and another problem is when i start my laptop 2 notepad files with same messages are opening at the system startup..and may be it is after this recycler_virus(i hv removed it by your previous blog).

    titled “desktop.ini” showing..


    what should i do??

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