How To Find Class Or ID of Text Area In WordPress Theme

Sometimes you might need to find the class or ID of text area in WordPress Theme for adding new snippets of code inside the text area or for modifying the look of text area.

This is actually very simple and total newbie kind of stuff. But its very helpful for people who want to develop their blog and learn more about WordPress.

With the help of this post you can determine the division of text area. Also you can determine the attributes (i.e class and id) of the division in which your text is placed.

Note – I am performing all the steps given below on Twenty Eleven WordPress Theme. 

  • To find the text area class, Just open any blog post in Google Chrome.
  • Select any Text Content inside the Blog Post.
  • Right Click and hit Inspect Element

division with class entry content twenty eleven theme

In the image above i have selected ‘Welcome to WordPress’ text inside a blog post. Then performed Inspect Element on this text, which makes the developer tools pop up from the bottom.

  • You can see the Paragraph Tag ( <p> </p> ) are inside a division ( <div> )
  • And the division has attribute of class=entry-content.

This might be different for your theme, for example –

  1. id=entry or class=entry
  2. id=post-area or class=post-area
  3. id=content-area or class=content-area

So that’s how you can find class or id of the text area division. And once you have found it, you can use it to develop a custom page template like monthly archives page or category wise archives page, etc.

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