How To Detect Invalid Click Activity in Google Adsense

If you are an AdSense User, then it is important that you must  know how to Detect Invalid Click Activity in Google AdSense. Invalid Click Activity can get you banned from AdSense. You must be aware of that for sure. But do you know how to detect Invalid Click Activity?

Most of the publishers get banned because they don’t track their AdSense reports for any suspicious activity. You must track your AdSense reports on a regular basis, because once you get banned it might be too late to do anything about it.

In this post i will share few points which can help you to Detect Invalid Click Activity in Google Adsense. But before that lets define few terms which we will use.

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Pageviews: One pageview is counted when a user views a page displaying Google ad.

Clicks: This is the number of times user has clicked on your advertisements.

CTR: Its called as Click Through Rate. It is in percentage. Its calculated as (Clicks/Pageviews) x 100.

CPC: Its called as Cost Per Click. Its the cost you get per click.

Estimated Earnings: This is roughly Clicks x CPC. It can change, go up or down because the earnings are still in verification process. [/sws_toggle1]

I will now use the definitions given above to share some tips which can help you to Detect Invalid Click Activity in Google Adsense.

Tips to Detect Invalid Click Activity

1) The CTR between 1% to 11% is usually considered normal. If CTR goes above 20% then you should consider doing something about it. If you get 25 clicks in 100 pageviews then you have about 25% CTR which is something to worry about.

2) If you get too many clicks but 0.00 CPC then those are invalid clicks. For example, if you get about 50 clicks with 0.00 CPC, then those were invalid clicks and were discarded by Google.

3) If you get Estimated Earnings equal to $0.60 and in the next minute or next hour it turns to $0.00 then this can be due to invalid click activity. In this type of problem, your earnings rise and suddenly disappear or become half when you refresh the page. This is because Google first considers the Clicks and the CPC for the same but after verification discards the invalid clicks.

4) If you get too many clicks from particular country but less pageviews then that can be a problem. Because the CTR would go high for that particular country. Or Too many Clicks but 0.00 CPC as shown in the image below.

detect invalid click activity country

That’s all for now. If you want to add any tip then feel free to comment below. Thanks. And Subscribe to blog feed to receive updates about new posts !

15 Replies to “How To Detect Invalid Click Activity in Google Adsense”

  1. But what if your visitors clicks on your adsense ads gladly… How about those clicks whether they like your ads and click on them.. Would it will also consider as invalid clicks…

    Suppose if you have 100 readers daily and out of 100 the 50 clicks on your ads and the CTR would be 50%, would you consider it as invalid clicks activity of course not they are your readers not robots…

    1. Wrong.
      There wont be such case that you get 50 out of 100 visitors ‘gladly’ clicking on your ads.
      What you are referring to is an Ideal Case. Considering 50 out of 100 visitors click on your ads. Then yeah those are valid clicks.

      But that ‘case’ is practically ‘not’ possible.
      You have to understand that its your responsibility to protect the ads from invalid clicks.

      And practically even a premium adsense publisher or reputed websites with loads of traffic, they get about 5-12% CTR on average.

      50% CTR is too high. It will result in straight ban from AdSense.

      1. please , how to detect illegal clicks exactly : for exemple if some one clicks on an ad and after 5min he click another one but the two ads are different , are these two clicks legal or not ? thanks

  2. Hii Omakr….Nice Information…..I used to Get a CTR of 10%-12% but with a Low CPC 0.03$-0.04$ is this Normal and Can you tell me is there any working Solution for Protecting these Invalid Clicks ????…..You can Mail me at my id so that I can Stay in touch with You…….I can’t find any Contact Page Here…..

  3. Hi Omkar..My adsense account got banned couple of years before..Is there any way i can get back my account?

    1. There are very less chances of getting the account back. Instead start fresh with new domain and new account. If you don’t want to get banned, just follow this rule – “You have to make sure that all clicks are valid and there is no invalid click activity on your website. You have to think from advertisers point of view. Money will automatically come. But if you focus on money, you will surely land in trouble someday or other”.

  4. Should we be concerned if we see 2 or 3 clicks on one adsense ad with the same time stamps?

    Thanks Omkar!

  5. hi when I track google adsense on my exit link activity(statcounter) I have a difficulty to do that because I have a lot of google drive files(pdf) which are an external links.what is the best method to solve this problem and don’t show my pdf in exist link activity,thanks

  6. Hi, Have a nice day. Is it an all-average CTR, or is it a separate CTR for a different country in the same day?
    For example, on 13-01-2018 date
    Brazil 75% CTR
    USA 50% CTR,
    BD 10% CTR,
    Poland 15% CTR
    Canada 3% CTR
    But then
    Average CTR only 4%
    What will be a problem here? Please let me know. Thank you.

  7. how to detect illegal clicks exactly : for exemple if some one clicks on an ad and after 5min he click another one but the two ads are different , are these two clicks legal or not ? thanks

  8. Hi Omkar
    Let a case, Some times i see there is 20 clicks and earning is .83$ after some times when i refresh page i see there is 19 clicks and earning is .78$. is it trouble some? my CTR always remain between 2% – 5%.

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