How To Install VirtualBox in Windows

This thread consist of basic information on how to get VirtualBox and how to install it on your Windows Computer. This thread alone can seem useless. But i am writing this thread because it will form a basis for other threads such as – How to install Backtrack Linux on Windows Using VirtualBox, etc.

First of all, if you don’t know what is VirtualBox then here’s a short intro:

VirtualBox is a Virtual Machine (VM) software which will provide you with an environment to run any Operating System as a Virtual Machine rather than installing an OS physically.

A basic example would be to run Linux in VirtualBox while you are using Windows on your Computer. So i hope you get the idea ! Now lets see how do we get and install VirtualBox.

#1. Getting VirtualBox

You can download latest version of VirtualBox by Clicking here. I have downloaded VirtualBox 4.2.10 for Windows hosts  x86/amd64. Obviously by the time you read this thread, there might be a newer version available. So i would recommend you to download the newer version.

I am downloading that specific version because I am using Windows as my Host. If you are using Linux as Host, then download VirtualBox for linux hosts.

#2. Installing VirtualBox

If you double click on the “VirtualBox-4.2.10-84105-Win.exe” file, the VirtualBox installation wizard will be launched.

how to install virtualbox step 1

Click on the “Next” button, we can do some changes in the installation options.

how to install virtualbox step 2

To keep it simple, I chose to install all the packages that comes with VirtualBox. You can customize what you want to install, but i would recommend you to keep the default settings and then click on Next.

During the installation, VirtualBox may ask you to install various software devices. You can just proceed with the installation and hit next till the installation is complete.

how to install virtualbox step 4

Once you are done installing, you can create a desktop icon for VirtualBox. And furthermore you can run Linux on VirtualBox.

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