How To Rotate Video in VLC Player

Sometimes you might capture a video in portrait mode. And when you play the video it might turn out to be something like this –

rotate-vidNow it can be a bit annoying to watch the video with a 90 degree tilt. So i figured out that we can actually rotate our videos for playback purposes in VLC Player. To do so, Follow the steps given below:


  • Click on Tools > Effects and Filters (or just press CTRL + E).
  • Click on Video Effects > Geometry.
  • Then just rotate the Angle button to rotate your video at your desired angle.

Check the image below for reference.


So i hope this post was helpful, If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to comment below. And by the way the video pictured in this post is of my cousin bro. I recorded this video while i was playing with him, hehe.

3 Replies to “How To Rotate Video in VLC Player”

  1. Thanks – Brilliant help – you made it very easy. Perhaps you could include the instructions for saving it at the end.

    1. Hello Jo, Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it.
      And about saving the video after rotation – I don’t know if its possible in VLC. I guess its just for playback purpose. If we have to rotate and save, i guess we would need to do that in a Video Editor like Adobe After Effects or Sony Vegas Pro.

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