How To Find Similar Images on Internet

Suppose you have a not-so-good quality image but you really love it. And you want to find a better quality version of this image on the internet.

But you don’t have a name, caption, or any related tag to this image. So how are you going to find it?

The answer is Google Image Search.

You can search for similar looking image by uploading your image to Google server.

Consider we want to search for similar images to this image. To do so, Follow the steps given below:

  • Now to search for similar images, goto Google dot com. Click on Image search. And you will see something like this –


  • Notice the camera button just at the right side of the search box. Click on it and the following box will appear –


  • Click on Upload an Image, Then locate your image and upload it.

google-uploading-fileYou can see in the image below, After performing a image search – You will get web search results as well as visually similar images results. Click on Visually Similar Images to view them. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.