How To Create Feedburner Subscribe Box

To get feedburner subscribe box for your blog, you need to have a Google account.

In this post i will show how to add feedburner subscribe box to a wordpress blog as well as to a blogger blog.

This is going to be a very basic Subscribe box with no fancy design or styles.

However you can use CSS to customize this Subscribe box.

I will create few CSS styles for this subscribe box and post them on this blog.

But for now, lets see how do we create a subscribe box :

  • First log into your Google Account
  • Then goto


  • Now enter your blog address in the input box and Hit next button.


  • Select your desired feed, If not sure then keep RSS 2.0. And hit Next.


  • Now you will be asked to enter Feed Title and Feed Address. Enter any desired feed title. And keep the feed address as it is if not sure what to enter. And hit Next.


  • Click on ‘Skip Directly To Feed Management”.


  1. Now click on Publicize.
  2. Click on Email Subscriptions
  3. Click on Activate.


  • You will be taken to Subscriber Management Page.
  • All you have to do is copy the subscribe box code from the page.

This code will help you to add subscribe box to your blog. And Since this post has already become too lengthy, I will write about how to add this box to wordpress and blogger in the next post and include the link here shortly.

Update: Links added below.

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