Managing Website Permissions in Google Chrome

If you ever wanted to block a particular content on the website like image, plugin, popup, javascript, etc, then you can do that using Permissions feature of Google Chrome.

To manage website permissions, first visit that particular website.

And click on the site information icon appearing on the very left side of the address bar.

Check the image below. I have opened in Google Chrome. And you can see in the address bar, there’s a page icon just on the left side on website address. After clicking on it, a drop down page appears.

manage google chrome permissions

Now suppose if i want to block images on this particular website.

Then i will click on ‘Allowed by default’ corresponding to the ‘images’ option as shown in the image below.

block-or-allow-images-on-websiteWhen i click on ‘Always block on this site’ option. Then the page will refresh and all the images on the website would be blocked.

Similarly if you want to block Javascript, plugins or any other media on the website then you can do it using Google chrome permissions.

How to use amxmodmenu in Counter Strike 1.6

If you want to become an administrator on a counter strike server then the primary requirement is that you should be able to use amxmodmenu (which is AMX moderators menu).

In this post i will talk of the very basic points of which you must know about the amxmodmenu.

1. Starting amxmodmenu using console

  1. Open console by pressing (~) key which is located just below escape key.
  2. Type amxmodmenu and hit enter.
  3. Exit console.
  4. You will see amxmodmenu appear on the screen!

2. Binding amxmodmenu to a desired key

When you are an admin, you will have to access amxmodmenu more often. And you cannot afford to waste time by opening console again and again to access amxmodmenu. So what you can do is bind amxmodmenu to a key. So you can access amxmodmenu by pressing a key.

I have my F3 key bound to amxmodmenu. So lets see how to bind F3 key to amxmodmenu.

  1. Open console by pressing (~) key which is located just below escape key.
  2. Type bind f3 amxmodmenu and hit enter.
  3. Exit console.
  • Now to access amxmodmenu, just press F3.
  • This will open up amxmodmenu. Check the image below.


3. How to restart round in Counter Strike 1.6 ?

  1. Open amxmodmenu as explained in section 2.
  2. Press 9.
  3. Press 1.
  4. Press 3.
  5. This will restart round.


4. How to kick a Player ?

  1. To kick a player, open amxmodmenu.
  2. Press 1.
  3. Then choose the number of player whom you want to kick.


5. How to Ban a Player?

  1. Open amxmodmenu.
  2. Press 2.
  3. Press 8 to change the ban time (5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 1 day, permanently)
  4. After chosing that, press the number of player whom you want to ban.
  5. Then after enter the reason of ban and press enter.


6. How to slap or slay a player ?

  1. Open amxmodmenu.
  2. Press 3 to enter slap/slay menu.
  3. by default function is set to slay
  4. If you press 8, it will switch to Slap with zero damage.
  5. If you press 8 again, it will switch to Slap with 1 damage.
  6. Press 8 again, it will switch to Slap with 5 damage.
  7. And if you press 8 once again, it will switch back to Slay
  8. After choosing the desired function, just press the player number to carry out that function on the player.


7. How to Change Map?

  1. Open amxmodmenu.
  2. Press 5.
  3. Press the number of map which you want to select.

8. How to Vote for Maps?

  1. Open amxmodmenu.
  2. Press 6.
  3. Press the number corresponding to the map which you want to choose.
  4. For example, in the image below. I chose map number 2, 3 and 7 by pressing 2, 3 and 7 key on keyboard.
  5. After choosing the maps, simply press 8 to start voting.


9. How to transfer player?

  1. Open amxmodmenu.
  2. Press 4.
  3. Now default function is ‘Transfer to terrorist’.
  4. You can switch between functions by pressing 8 key.
  5. Pressing 8 is going to switch you between Transfer to (terrorist/counter terrorist/spectator)
  6. After selecting your function, Just press the player number on whom you want to apply the function.


How to find steam id for counter strike 1.6

There are two ways to find your steam id or wonid as given below:

#1 By going in-game

  1. Join a server
  2. Open Console by pressing ( ~ ) key located just below the escape key.
  3. Type status and press enter.
  4. The status of every player in the server will appear in the console as shown below.

In the image below you can see my steam id. I have underlined it with red color.

how to find steam id by console

#2 By opening steam.txt

  1. Go to your steam directory. ( For example C:program filessteam )
  2. Open steam.txt
  3. Use CTRL + F to find something like “Found existing connection 9, for 0:0:8888.”
  4. The last set of numbers is your steam id. Which is in this case 0:0:8888
  5. For example, Check the image below.

existing connection steam 2