How to enable net graph in Counter Strike

In this post i will tell you how to enable or disable net graph in counter strike. Net graph is nothing but a meter for measuring chokes, loss, etc of your net connection towards the server.

net graph counter strike
Different types of net graphs.

The image above shows different types of net graphs. To enable the graph, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Console by pressing (~) key just below the escape key.
  2. Type net_graph 3 to enable graph 3
  3. Type net_graph 2 to enable graph 2
  4. Type net_graph 1 to enable graph 1
  5. And to disable graph, Type net_graph 0

If you have any doubts, feel free to comment below. Thanks.

Credits: Hardik Arora

How to change icon of a Folder on Windows Computer ?

If you want to change the icon of any particular folder on your PC then follow these steps:


  1. Select the folder. Right click > Go in Properties.
  2. Click on Customize.
  3. Click on Change Icon.
  4. Select the icon from the dialog box.
  5. Click Ok.
  6. Click Apply, Click Ok.

change-icon-of-folder-2Once you do that, the folder icon will be changed. If changes are not visible, try refreshing the screen.

How to Capture Screenshot of Desktop

The most easiest way to screenshot a desktop without any software or tool is just by using the PrntScr button on the keyboard. Most people wonder what does the PrntScr button do? It seems useless. But its actually very helpful (especially for bloggers).

Now if you are familiar with PrntScr then skip this point and go down to read some extra tips which you might not know.

How to Screenshot using PrntScr Button

  1. If you want to screenshot the entire desktop, then just hit PrntScr Button.
  2. Now open Paint.
  3. Once paint is open, Just go in Edit > Paste. OR press CTRL + V.
  4. Now save this image on your computer.
  5. And that’s it, you have a screenshot of your desktop.

Some Extra tips

1) Hold the Alt key down while pressing Print Screen to capture only the active window. For example, if your active window is Google Chrome then only Google chrome will be captured in the screenshot and not the entire desktop.

2) If you are using Vista, 7 or Windows 8. Then you can simply use the snip tool. It is very useful tool and gets the work done in a few seconds. To access snip tool, just press windows key and type Snip.