Managing Website Permissions in Google Chrome

If you ever wanted to block a particular content on the website like image, plugin, popup, javascript, etc, then you can do that using Permissions feature of Google Chrome.

To manage website permissions, first visit that particular website.

And click on the site information icon appearing on the very left side of the address bar.

Check the image below. I have opened in Google Chrome. And you can see in the address bar, there’s a page icon just on the left side on website address. After clicking on it, a drop down page appears.

manage google chrome permissions

Now suppose if i want to block images on this particular website.

Then i will click on ‘Allowed by default’ corresponding to the ‘images’ option as shown in the image below.

block-or-allow-images-on-websiteWhen i click on ‘Always block on this site’ option. Then the page will refresh and all the images on the website would be blocked.

Similarly if you want to block Javascript, plugins or any other media on the website then you can do it using Google chrome permissions.