How to find steam id for counter strike 1.6

There are two ways to find your steam id or wonid as given below:

#1 By going in-game

  1. Join a server
  2. Open Console by pressing ( ~ ) key located just below the escape key.
  3. Type status and press enter.
  4. The status of every player in the server will appear in the console as shown below.

In the image below you can see my steam id. I have underlined it with red color.

how to find steam id by console

#2 By opening steam.txt

  1. Go to your steam directory. ( For example C:program filessteam )
  2. Open steam.txt
  3. Use CTRL + F to find something like “Found existing connection 9, for 0:0:8888.”
  4. The last set of numbers is your steam id. Which is in this caseĀ 0:0:8888
  5. For example, Check the image below.

existing connection steam 2

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