How to choose a good webhost ?

A good web host is not the one who has a list of incredible products and services, but the one who will actually provide the services which they have listed. You will find many webhosts offering you packages, which you don’t need. But they will make it feel like you need their products. Don’t be fooled.

Unlimited is really Unlimited ?

Before i start, lets talk about the unlimited term of the webhosts. You will find many webhosts who boast that they are providing unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, etc. But trust me, Unlimited is never Unlimited in true sense.

You will find the unlimited product is actually a limited product. This is actually written down somewhere deep down in their terms of services (tos) or web hosting policies.

For example, If a web host says that they are providing unlimited disk space then check their policies or terms of services(t0s). You will find something like:

You are not permitted to –

  • Store over 100,000 files
  • Store a large number of media files (audio, video, etc.), wherein the limit is at Parent’s sole discretion.
  • Use over 25% of system resources

You see that? Especially the second point. It says ‘large number of media files’ and not the exact amount. And also the limit is decided by parent (web hosts) discretion.

But if you think this is worse, then let me tell you. This is actually a good webhost compared to many other webhosts. We will now get to the point of Overselling.

What is Overselling?

Overselling is the act by webhosts of selling more services than the actual capacity of the server. For example, Consider one computer can only support 10 hosting accounts. But some webhosts sell about 15-20 hosting accounts and allocate them this computer which can only support 10 hosting accounts. Now this is overselling. Because the webhost is selling more than the actual capacity of the server.

One question you might ask at this moment. If the computer can support only 10 hosting accounts. Then how it can handle 15 to 20 accounts?

Well, when the computer has 10 hosting accounts, each of them will run smoothly. But every account is not using 100% of the resources provided to them. And since every account is just using about less than 50% of resources, the computer can somehow handle more than the actual capacity (more than 10 hosting accounts).

But when the computer is handling more than the actual capacity, every account is going to be affected. This is an example of a bad webhost. Because you are actually paying for a service which is not 100% owned by you but shared among different customers.

But then how to choose a good webhost ?

If you are total newbie to webhosting, then i will highly recommend you NOT to buy cheap products. Some web hosts offer unlimited disk space for as low as $2 per month. Trust me, They are over sellers.

If your budget is low then please don’t fall for over sellers. Do some research. Search for reviews of webhosts. Do not accept or believe in reviews by companies. They are just advertisers of webhosts who promote the webhosts. I am telling you to search for ‘Customer Reviews’.

Always search for Customer reviews before buying a webhosting service. Although some customer reviews might be fake, but keep looking for them. Do a lot of research about a particular webhost before purchasing their webhosting.

If you have a good budget, then the best webhost is Hostgator. I have read customer reviews for about 4 to 5 months. And trust me, It is really the best.

But if you have an average budget, then you might go with Bigrock. My blog is hosted on Bigrock. Till today i haven’t faced any problem, its been 6 months. I will talk about experience with bigrock in some other post.

And also i am not getting paid to recommend Hostgator or Bigrock to you guys. I haven’t put any reference links in this post. So you can be sure i am not advertising them.

But if you guys really want to help me, then you can use my coupon code to buy a domain from Bigrock. It will get you 25 percent off.

Thanks for visiting, and feel free to comment below if you have any questions or doubts.

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