How to Recover Windows user Password ?

In case you forgot your windows user account password or if you have multiple user accounts and one of them is password protected, you can always crack the password. This trick wont decrypt the password, but instead you can set a new password and replace the old one. Ok the trick here is you need access to command prompt.

You can do so by going in safe mode. (keep pressing f8 during BOOT SCREEN and it will ask you whether you want to go in safe mode or not)

  • Go in safe mode. Then login as administrator.
  • Open Command Prompt
  • Type netuser username * and press enter.
  • For example, i will type netuser Omkar * and press enter.
  • Now a new password will be asked to enter.
  • Enter the new password. But it wont display on the screen when you type it. Hit enter.
  • Again enter the new password, Hit enter.
  • And the account password will be successfully changed.

For example, If my account name was Teo.
Then i will perform the steps as shown in the image below.

And you can see the password entered is invisible. But this works and if you have any problem feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks.