How to add Hibernate in Windows 8

The hibernate option is not available directly in Windows 8. You have to activate it. You can do so by following the steps given in this post.

First of all lets see how the power options look like without Hibernate activated.

So how to add hibernate option?

Go in search and type ‘Power Options‘.

And click on Settings. Once you do that you will get the results as shown below.

Click on Change what the power buttons do. Then after you will get a screen as shown below.

  • You can see the hibernate option is inactive and you cannot access it.
  • Click on Change settings that are currently available.
  • And you will get access to check the Hibernate option.
  • And then Click/Check the Hibernate option.
  • And click Save Changes.

And you will get Hibernate option in the power options as shown below.

So if you have any questions, feel free to comment below. Thanks.