Grouping Tiles in Windows 8

So you have got Windows 8 but do you feel like there’s something missing in your Windows 8? Well i noticed that there was no Title to my group of tiles. And ever after trying out every kind of experiment, I was still unable to figure out how exactly should i add a title to the group of tiles.

If you don’t know what i am talking about, Then check the image below.

You can see that a particular group of tiles has a particular Name or Title associated to it. In the image above you can see the left group of tiles is named as ‘Standard Apps‘ while the center group of tiles has been named as ‘Cool Stuff‘.

How to Group Tiles?

To name a group of tiles you need to have a group of tiles first. By grouping i just mean that they should have their own separate column. So you can just go ahead and name them.

To create a group or column of tiles you can just move the tiles and arrange them. If you don’t know how to move tiles then watch this video.

How to name the Group of Tiles?

Consider we have our start page as shown in the image below.

First you have to zoom out. You can do that by pressing Control (CTRL) and Minus (-) keys on your keyboard. Or you can just press CTRL and scroll down using mouse to Zoom Out. Once you zoom out you will have the view as shown below.

Now move your mouse pointer over the group of tiles which you want to give a Name. It will be highlighted as shown in image below.

Then just right click on it to select it. And a bottom bar will appear as shown in the image below.

Now click on Name Group button in the bottom bar. When you click on Name Group, An input box will appear.

Enter the name for the group of tiles over here and click on Name.

And then you have the name for your specific group of tiles. You can see the name ‘My Tiles’ in the image below.

So i hope everything was pretty much clear and easy to understand. If you have any doubt, feel free to leave a comment below. And check out other useful windows 8 articles as well. Thanks.

A video on How to Group/Categorize tiles in Windows 8