Windows 8 Context Menu Problem

In Windows, I have a habit of refreshing my computer by right clicking on my desktop. But in Windows 8, When i tried to right click on my desktop to get the context menu, it just didn’t happen. The context menu didn’t appear. Sometimes it did but it took like 30 seconds or more for it to appear on my screen. And it was very frustrating.

I found a solution for that, which i have shared in a video. I guess i am not much audible in it, so please increase the volume of your computer to understand what am i saying.

If you don’t want to watch the video. You can follow this post to fix the context menu problem.

  • You need to open up the registry editor to fix this problem.
  • To access registry editor. Just open up your Start Page in Windows 8.
  • Type in regedit¬†and press enter.
  • This will open up the registry editor.
  • Now navigate to this directory:
  • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTDirectorybackgroundshellexContextMenuHandlers
  • Then delete any other folder in that directory except the new folder.

Then close registry editor.

Try right clicking on your desktop now.

If it doesn’t work then wait for a while and try again. And bingo ! your context menu will appear.

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