Facebook pop up Light Box for WordPress

If you are interested to promote your facebook page then this plugin can help you out. This plugin will pop up a facebook like box displaying a like button and the number of people liking your page.

This post will help you to install Facebook Pop-up LikeBox for your WordPress Blog ! For this purpose you need to install a plugin  named as Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox. And its not that easy to get it to work. It is quite confusing for beginners so that’s why i am writing this post.

Installing the WordPress Plugin

  • Click here to get Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox.
    Note: I haven’t developed this plugin, I am just instructing on how to install it.
  • And go to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add new > Upload
  • Upload the downloaded file.
  • And install it.

  • After installing it you can access it in, Arevico Settings > Facebook LightBox as shown below.

Now the complication begins. Here you have to insert the Facebook Page Numeric ID. Inserting the username of the facebook page wont work. You have to strictly insert Numeric ID only. Now most people would just give up and find another plugin because they don’t know how to get the numeric ID of the page.

Getting Numeric ID of Page

  • Go to Goto https://graph.facebook.com/YourPageNameHere
  • Then you will get some details about your page, It might look like this:

  • Just copy your Page ID as shown in the image above and paste it in the Facebook Numeric ID box.
  • And save changes. That’s it you are done.

Show every X days

The facebook light box appears on every page load. And if you don’t want it to be like that. Then just change the value of “show every x days“.

  • If you want it to appear every 10 days, Just add 10 over there and save.
  • If you wan’t it to appear only once and never again, Just add large value like 99999.

If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to comment below.

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