Adding title attribute to HTML Hyperlink

In this post lets first understand title attribute in html and then lets learn how to add it to our hyperlinks.

Title attribute is used to describe a link, tables or any other structure in html. Its not only used for giving description but also to make your pages search engine friendly. Yes it can help you to increase search engine optimization. Lets see benefits of adding title attributes.


  1. Increase the browsing experience of your visitors, especially of those who are having any kind of disabilities.
  2. It can help you to increase the keyword density of your page. And thus help with your SEO.
  3. It can simply provide description to the visitor, when he hovers the cursor over the link.

Now lets go ahead and see how a normal hyperlink looks like. Lets consider this code:

You can see, when if i hover over the link, my cursor just changes into a hand but no descriptive text was shown.

Now lets consider this part of the code. With the title attribute.

In this case, you can see when i hovered my cursor over the link, its showing me the descriptive text. This helps me to understand more information about the hyperlink.

If you have any doubts, feel free to comment below. And thanks for reading.