5 Vertical Navigation Menus for Blogger

In this post i am going to share 5 beautiful vertical css menu created by me. And also i am going to explain how to add these menus to your Blogger blog.

First lets see the CSS/HTML codes for each Vertical Navigation Menu along with an Image Preview of the menu.  Every menu listed below contains:

  1. Image Preview
  2. CSS Code
  3. HTML Code

Menu 1 (Greenie)


Menu 2 (Pencilicon)


Menu 3 (Bluetube)


Menu 4 (BlueArrow)


Menu 5 (GreyMark)


How to add Vertical Menu to the Blogger Blog ?

Check out the video given below to understand how to add a vertical menu to the blogger blog.

If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to comment below. I will try and help you out.

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