Difference between Windows 8 and Windows 8 Professional

Some people were asking me the difference between Windows 8 and Windows 8 Professional, So I decided to put it out over here.

Video – Different versions of Windows Explained in Short

Windows 8 has basically four types or editions as listed below,

  1. Windows 8 RT
  2. Windows 8 Enterprise
  3. Windows 8
  4. Windows 8 Professional

Windows 8 RT

Windows 8 RT is very much designed for tablet computers which run on ARM Processor. It will only be able run legacy applications. For instance if you buy Microsoft Surface which a device powered by Windows RT then you wont be able to run applications like Mozilla Firefox, Picasa and other such applications. Well you get the point, its made for devices running on ARM chips.

Windows 8 Enterprise

Then we have Windows 8 Enterprise, which is basically made for Administrators working in large companies. It will consist of many business applications.

So if you are planning to buy Windows 8 for your PC then the first two are out of option. That means we are left with Windows 8 and Windows 8 Professional. These are the only two which are going to be available in the market for the common man or the consumer.

Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro

If you are normal computer user then Windows 8 is the ideal for you. What you should know is that not even a single edition of Windows 8 include Windows Media Center by default. But Windows Media Center add-on can be installed only on the Pro edition of Windows 8. That means if you really want to install Windows Media Center on your OS then you need to have Windows 8 Pro.

Windows 8 Pro is mostly designed for Tech-type people and professional users. It has some advanced features which Windows 8 doesn’t have. Some features include Bitlocker, Group Policy, Encryption options, Domain join, Remote Desktop, etc.

You can check the table below for more detailed info.

Feature Name Windows 8 Windows 8 Pro
Upgrades from Windows 7   Professional, Ultimate no yes
Bitlocker and Bitlocker To Go no yes
Boot from VHD no yes
Client Hyper-V no yes
Domain Join no yes
Encrypting file system no yes
Group policy no yes
Remote desktop (host) no yes

If you want these additional features then you can go with Windows 8 Pro and if you are totally fine without these features then Windows 8 is perfect for you.

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Inline CSS and Layouts in HTML

The websites developed in html often have a specific layout. A layout is basically how the text or content is arranged in the website. To design a layout we need to use CSS and HTML Blocks. Now i haven’t started with my CSS tutorials and if you don’t know CSS then don’t worry. We aren’t going to go in deep with CSS. However i am going to use inline CSS in the HTML Document.

Inline CSS is achieved by using style attribute for HTML tags. Lets understand with the help of an example.

If i want to write a statement. I will use the <p> tag.

Try it yourself at Codefap HTML Editor

The above example would result into a simple text on the web page. But if i want to add style, such as background to it without using internal or external CSS then i will use inline CSS as follows:

Try it yourself at Codefap HTML Editor

And it would result into a text with a green background.

Inline CSS Background Property and Hex Color code

Now let me explain the code, First we used style attribute. And style attribute has more properties like background. So we set the background to #00ff00. Now if you are a total beginner then this might scare you. But actually its very simple. The code #00ff00 gives the value of the color. This is called as hex color code. Hex means 6.

The hex color code #00ff00 has 6 places. The color code is basically #RGB which means first two places are for red, next two places are for green, and next two are for blue. In this case we used #00ff00. We set red as 00, green as ff, blue as 00. So the color turns out to be green. Because f is highest value while 0 is lowest value. In our code only green has highest value. And red, blue has zero value.

HTML Blocks – Division Tag

Now lets move on to html <div> tag. Division tags helps us to set up blocks in html. This will in turn help us to create a HTML Layout. But first let us create few blocks using div tag.

Consider this code

Try it yourself at Codefap HTML Editor

So you can see in the result, we have a colorful box and inside it we have Hello World text.

Lets understand the code given above from the most inner division tag. The most inner division tag gives the background as white and has text Hello World. But it also has padding 5 pixels. Which simply means that there will be 5 pixel of space left from top, right, bottom and left. You can see the Hello World text has 5 pixel white space around it.

The most inner division tag <div> and </div> forms a HTML block. This block is inside several other HTML blocks which has different background colors. Try it yourself and you will find out that the outer block is of black background, next comes grey, blue, red, green and finally white block.

HTML Layouts

I have created a short video which will give you an idea on how to create basic layouts in HTML.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. Thanks !

Ordered and Un-ordered Lists in HTML

Lists are very useful in HTML documents. You can use them to number, bullet important point in your documents or simply list couple of items together in an ordered or un-ordered way.

HTML Lists can be classified into two Categories:

  1. Ordered List
  2. Un-Ordered List

Un-Ordered List

To create an un-ordered list, you need to use <ul> tag. Then after to add every item to the list you need to use <li> tag. Check out the code given below.

Try it yourself at Codefap HTML Editor 

The above code would result into this.

You can see we have bullets but not numbers. Thus this is an un-ordered list.

Ordered List

To create an ordered list, all you have to do is just replace <ul> tags by <ol> tags.

And it would result into:

So that’s all in this tutorial. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.