How to navigate windows using a keyboard

Sometimes a situation may arise when your mouse stops working or you might have to work on a computer which has no mouse attached to it. Are you prepared for facing such situation? Perhaps not.

I have undergone such situation. I had to live without a mouse for about a week. In the beginning it was total frustration to use a PC without the mouse. But then i figured out how to operate and navigate around my computer just by using my keyboard.

In this post i will share some important tips on how to navigate your computer using a keyboard. Lets begin with the very basic thing.. The Start menu !

Open the Start Menu

To open the start menu you can either press the Windows Key on your keyboard or just use the key combination of CTRL + ESCAPE. Once your start menu is open, you can navigate by using the Arrow keys!

Access Desktop

If you are not on the desktop then you can access desktop by holding down Windows Key + D.

Opening the shortcut / program on your Desktop

If you are currently on the desktop and want to execute certain shortcut or program on your desktop. Then TAB key will help you out. First of all you have to understand that your desktop is divided into different areas. I don’t know how do i exactly define them. So i would use my own language for defining these areas. They can be classified as icons area, start menu area, taskbar tray area.

If you press TAB key then you will switch between these areas. You might have to press TAB key several times to access the icons area on your desktop.

If you press TAB key and a desktop icon gets selected then it indicates that you are currently on the icons area. Pressing TAB key again will switch you over to start menu area. Pressing the TAB key once again will switch you over to the taskbar tray area.

Once you get on your desired area, you can navigate using the Arrow keys. And then when you have selected your desired shortcut, you can just hit enter on your keyboard to run that shortcut or program!

Closing, Minimizing, Maximizing, Moving a Window

Closing a window is very easy. All you have to do is press CTRL + F4 and you are done! In addition, you can even close the window by hitting ALT + SPACEBAR and then choosing the “close” option from the drop down menu.

Minimizing, Maximizing and Moving the Window, These options can be made available by hitting ALT + SPACEBAR. This combination will trigger a drop down menu of the current window.

Note that: If window is maximized then a ‘restore’ option will be available. And if it is in windowed mode then a ‘maximize’ option will be available. In order to move a window your current window must not be in ‘maximized’ state.

Switching between open windows, applications and programs

To switch between any program running on your screen you can use the very popular key combination – ALT + TAB. Hold down ALT + TAB to see all the open windows. Pressing TAB key while the ALT key is held will select the next open window. Letting go off ALT + TAB will switch over to the currently selected window. Experiment it yourself for better understanding !

Scrolling in a Window

You scroll the window or the page with the help of PAGE UP, PAGE DOWN, HOME, END, or with the help of Arrow Keys.

Right Clicking on an icon

If you want to click on any icon without the aid of a mouse. Then you should first select your desired icon on which you want to perform the right click operation. Then after just hold SPACEBAR + F10 and your right click operation will be performed.

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