Facebook – Pay to promote a post, Interested?

Facebook itself estimates that your content is viewed by only 16% of your friends or fans !!

There was a time when we would post something on facebook and were sure that it would show up on almost everyone’s news feed. But today times have changed. Does your post reaches out to everyone today? I don’t think so. In fact facebook itself estimates that your content is viewed by only 16% of your friends or fans.

This can happen due to many reasons such as users may not be logged in when you post something. And thus your post gets lost or lets say shuffled by others posts or likes. And now they are introducing the Facebook Promote. Lets see what is it !

We all must have noticed the ‘Introducing Facebook posts’ option coming up on all of your recent posts. The screen below is what shows up when you click on Promote button.

Don’t fall for it yet. You can see a small link over there? Yes the ‘terms apply’ link. Make sure you read it if you are really interested in promoting your posts.

Promoted posts are similar to display ads. You post, you pay, and facebook promises to uh.. Let me quote :

When you promote a post, it will be shown in the news feeds of more of the people who like your Page than you would reach normally. Friends of the people who have interacted with your post will also be more likely to see the story in their news feeds for up to 3 days from when the post was first created.

I don’t know why would someone promote their posts. I am not trying to be skeptical but i doubt them. Are they ensuring you that your posts are shown to limited people and thus encouraging you to use Facebook promote?

If you are having a facebook page then you might consider promoting it. Because it represents something in a way. But few questions come in my mind. If you promote, how many people are you bound to reach? 10 ? 500 ? Well silly me to do the maths. Because facebook’s engineers have already done their maths. As you can see in the image below.

You can see that they have already given you the estimated reach depending upon the number of likes on your page.

My personal opinion :

If you ask my personal opinion on facebook promote. I would recommend this to marketing people for promoting their sales or products over time. But using facebook promote to promote any random post is totally useless and waste of money.

I haven’t tried it out. But if anyone of you has ever tried out facebook promote, then feel free to share your experience as a comment below.

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