Windows 7 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

I am sure many of us are unaware of these awesome keyboard shortcuts in windows 7. When i found out these, i was truly impressed. These are very useful while working with windows. Lets have a look at them !

1 ) Create a New Folder ( CTRL + SHIFT + N )

When you press CTRL+SHIFT+N on your keyboard, the windows will automatically create a new folder in your current system directory.

2) Shift+Right Click Enhances ‘Send to’ Menu

3) Win + Space to show Desktop

Pressing windows key and space simultaneously helps to show desktop directly.

4) For Dual Monitors

  • Win+Shift+Left Arrow Key to Move Active Window to Left Monitor
  • Win+Shift+Right Arrow Key to Move Active Window to Right Monitor

5) Win + 1, Win + 2, etc. To open up pinned taskbar shorcuts

If you want to directly access your pinned taskbar pinned shortcuts without a mouse then just press windows key on your keyboard and holding that windows key, try pressing 1, 2, 3. Its amazing.

6) Open up Task Manager ( CTRL + SHIFT + ESCAPE )

In Windows XP, we used to press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to open up task manager. But if you press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL in Windows 7 then log on screen appears with a option to access task manager. However if you want to access task manager directly without visiting log on screen, you can press CTRL+SHIFT+ESCAPE and your task manager will show up.

7) Connect to a Projector (Win + P)

Press Win + P on your keyboard to connect a projector to your computer.

8) Visit System Properties (Win + Pause)

Pressing Win key + Pause key will directly take you to System properties Window.

I hope this helps you. If you know anymore cool shortcuts, feel free to comment below.