Why is my Task Manager Disabled?

If you are not able to access your windows task manager by shortcut keys, you may try right clicking on your task-bar. It will display a context menu with the option of task manager in grey text. Which simply means its not clickable and is disabled.

This might happen if your computer user account is set to limited. If you are logged in as administrator and still not able to access task manager then your computer might be infected with spyware. This has changed some values in your system registry, thus disabling the task manager.

Now to enable the task manager all you have to do is access registry editor (regedit) and navigate to the following key (folder) :


In the above image, you can see we have navigated to the System folder, wherein we can find DisableTaskMgr value. Just double click on it to change the value.  The value 0 means enable task manager while the value 1 means disable task manager. You can change the value and save it. Or you might as well delete the value. To delete the value, just click on DisableTaskMgr value and hit delete button.

I have been reported that some users are not having the ‘System’ folder in the specified directory. So here’s an alternative method for them. What we have to do is make use of the Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc). This alternative method is only for Windows XP Users.

  1. Open start menu > run > type gpedit.msc > hit enter.
  2. Goto User configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Ctrl+Alt+Delete options.
  3. In the right panel, make sure that ‘Remove Task Manager’ is set to ‘disabled’ or ‘not configured’.
  4. If it is enabled. Then click on properties. And just click disable.
  5. Now your task manager must be back.

I hope you loved the post. If you have any doubt, feel free to comment below. Thanks.