SMS limit has been uplifted to 20 sms per day

The Indian Government had put limits on Mobile SMS and made it to 5 SMS per day. You can read more about this on my previous article over here: [ SMS cut down to 5 SMS per day in India – TRAI Rule ]. It was reported that this rule was here to stay for the next 15 days. “We have banned bulk SMS-es and MMS-es for 15 days,” Union Home Secretary RK Singh had said last week.

Today the government has decided to increase the limit to 20 SMS per day. This limit has been increased with immediate effect. Note that, only the limit has been increased to 20 sms per day while the SMS ban is still in effect for the 15 days period.

Additional Info : Along with the SMS ban, Hundreds of websites have been banned by the government in the last week which were involved in spreading rumors and baseless messages.

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